Tuesday, November 17, 2015

What is a typical day like in Peru

Ellie Turner - Hi friends, family, and everyone inbetween,
Peru is amazing. I’m surrounded by the powerful yet comforting mountains and all the rich smells of cooking food float around me and put different paintings in my head. Every morning is almost identical, like a play running smoothly. We awake usually to the sound of Johan rapping on our door or kids playing in the courtyard. We then groggily get up, shower, and then get dressed. Afterwards we usually go out to the courtyard and play games like soccer and hacky sack. Breakfast is usually around eight o'clock which is a light meal of bread, fruit, and tea. Then our day starts with other activities.
Dear family and friends: I miss you guys so much and I can’t wait to see you all soon! My host family is great but very different from my own family. Love you all.

Paulina Ursua Garcia - Hey guys,
I’m having an awesome time in Peru! Of course the change in environment can throw you off, but my homestay family really makes the change a lot easier. We have lunch and dinner with our homestay and they are great! The little girl, Garled, is so sweet and funny. She reminds me so much of my little sisters. The mom in our homestay is so kind and understanding. She is an amazing cook, her food is awesome! Talking to them is so fun, their stories are really funny and interesting. Going to our homestays is definitely a highlight of my day. 
    I miss you guys so much! I hope that everything so going great over there. I hope your birthday went well Soph. I’m so sorry I missed it and I love you so much. Happy 14th! I miss all of my friends. Beftu, I love and miss you so much, keep me updated! To my family, los quiero muchísimo y los extraño. Mandale saludos a mi Mami Ludi y Papi Chas. Los quiero mucho!!! Los veo muy pronto! 

Rhea Rowan - Hello Mom, Dad, Khaili, and Mughu,
I am having a fabulous time in Peru! I love my family here, my Peruvian father is a basket weaver and my Peruvian mom owns a shop in the market. I also have a sister who is in college, she studying to be an administrative person and my other sister is in high school. I do have two brothers, but I have not met them. 

We have been working on our community project for two days. So far we have built bleachers, put in trees, weeded the ground, scavenged for rocks and cleared debris. I thought that all the work would be simple and easy but it's a lot of hard work, I have never sweated so much (except when auntie paid me too rake and weed her yard in the hot and humid Florida sun). All the parents of the students are so kind and are helping us with the school. 

I can't wait to see you all when I get home. 

Rhea Rowan

Anna Grace Fusaris - Every day we do something called ANCHOR.  ANCHOR is when we meet at night and reflect our day.  A stands for appreciation.  What did you appreciate so far about this trip and about your day?  N stands for news.  What is the news about what happened today and what is going to happen tomorrow?  C stands for concerns.  What concerns have you had about this trip?  H stands for hopes.  What are your hopes for tomorrow and the rest of the trip?  O stands for obscurities.  What has made you feel uncomfortable or something that has happened that is unusual?  R stands for reading.  We read a famous quote from a booklet that Mr. Blair or Mrs. Ashley gives the leaders of the day.  Today’s famous poem was by Robert Frost.  I love this trip I am so glad I decided to come!  I love you family!  #Peruisawesome!


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