Sunday, November 15, 2015

Salt and Weaving

Lauren Falicia - Today we hiked through a structure called Moray. It is an Incan structure that is comprised of steps that the Incans would use for agricultural experiments. Each step had a different temperature and climate. The people would test plants that they found outside of where they lived to find out if it would grow at different altitudes. I thought it was amazing how they had that type of technology and scientific knowledge at the time. There were several different gardens. A very large one and several smaller ones spread around the areas are the known ones. Near the end of the hike, we were allowed to go down into one of the gardens. We took a picture of us spelling out SMA in the center of the garden. I accidentally laid in some burs, but we brushed them off without being poked. The size of the gardens were amazing, and I can’t imagine being able to build one. My homestay is amazing and we’re having a really fun time with them. I love you friends and family, and I hope all is well at home (and away from home:)). Starfish are amazing creatures.
Love you all,

Lillian Humber - Over this trip I have seen two very powerful things. One of the two was a woman growing flowers in bomb shells. By seeing this, even as fast as it went by on the bus, it taught me that beauty can most definitely come after despair. Sometimes things need to fall in order to have it all. The other thing I saw was a boy around 4 years of age was pulling a massive bull. The cow was stationary, yet the boy younger than us kept calm and pulled at the reins more. This shows me that we become so frustrated over simple things and furious over the big things. A four year old put in the field pulling a bull has more patience! This showed me that I need to realize why I’m upset and if it’s that big of a deal. By doing that, I am sure that I can be like the little boy. Goodnight mom, dad, and Maple
P.S. Happy Birthday to Mrs. Carr    

Michael Hills - Today we went to the Chinchero weaving community. It was beautiful to see how they weaved and how they made the dyes. It was also interesting to see how difficult it was to make and how one blanket could take a couple months. We learned a bit of their language which was a native language to peru (Quechua) and different than Spanish. The market was really awesome and I bought a couple things. I am also learning quite a bit of Spanish. I will see you all soon.

Ethan Carr - Today we went to Salineras-Valle Sagrado. It was really amazing, because there is a river where salt water flows. The salt water would run into tiny pools. After collecting in the pools, the water would evaporate and leave the salt. This was really amazing, because I have never seen a salt mine before. We could try the salt, but I don’t like to eat salt plain. We got to walk really close to the salt mines. We hiked around the area and then we took that bus back to Ollantaytambo.
I would like to say Happy Birthday to my mom. I am sorry I was not there. See you soon.


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