Friday, November 20, 2015

Ruins, Shopping and Service

Michael Hills
Today was the first day we were able to shop because yesterday we didn’t have any time to shop. Once we got down from the ruins we were next to the market and I went with Josh and Jacobo an bought some knives. Next we went to the plaza and I bought a blanket and a pan flute. I also bought some gifts for my host family and my family. This also helped me get closer to Jacobo and Josh. I still have some money for the way back. I am happy and sad that there is only 3 day left. I hope to see you all soon.

Ethan Carr
Today we went to the Ollantaytambo Ruins. The ruins were really amazing. They are up on the mountains. There is an amazing view on the town from the top. I was a bit afraid, because I don’t enjoy heights. It was very narrow but you could see everything from the top. It was very hard to climb, because there were very many steps that we had to climb. Climbing the Ollantaytambo Ruins was a really fun and exciting hike.

Ellie Turner
Hi everybody!
    Today was almost like my turning point during this trip. I realized today that there are so many different kinds poverty. There is the most commonly known type which is financially poverty, but there are millions of other types. I feel as though in the Peruvian culture it is almost based on fun and happiness, I wish our culture was too. The American culture is extremely poor in content, we can never be happy. We always have a need for more, more, more. Even with how much we have we need more, we can never be completely happy. In Peru everyone is happy even with as little as some people have. It was definitely a huge eye opener for me. (I love/ miss my family and friends).

Luca Bonanno
Today during the community service project we painted the wooden bleachers bright green. About half way through the day I climbed over the wall that kept us in the community service project and on the other side there was a corn field. I went to go find one of the kids who went exploring in the corn field because it was time for us to go back. But I realized that if I went to go find them I would get lost. Then I went over to the trash pile to go throw rocks out of it because we needed to reuse as many of those rocks as possible for the kids that will go to Peru next year. It was very fun because I just got to throw rocks into a pile and throw the cement into a pile for a while. I miss my parents very much craving a pizza when I get back. from Luca.


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