Saturday, November 21, 2015

Birthday Celebration and Family Time

Josh Buck
Today was the best day with my homestay family by far. Before, we didn’t really engage with them. We watched TV and ate. But today was different. Today we spend a lot more time getting to know each other, and the kids in my homestay family started talking to me. Lillian is in my homestay, and it was her birthday today so we also got lots of good food, and a giant sponge cake. I also did a lot of shopping and I got lots of gifts for everyone in my family. I really enjoyed today and I connected with my homestay more. Tomorrow is Machu Picchu and then one more day until we leave.

Nicolas Rodriguez
Today was the highlight of my trip. We got to spend the whole day with our host family and I really like all of them. They don’t even come close to my true family, but they make me feel at home. The mom is a great cook and the kids are hilarious. I was really bummed because Alex and Luis weren't there, but I had a great time with everybody else. We  played soccer and went to the market and I got all the Rods gifts. Peru is truly a wonder of the world, it is amazing.  

Lillian Humber
Today is my birthday and I have to say I have never had two cakes slammed into my face in one day. For the peruvian tradition, they make you take a bite right out of the cake as a permission to cut the cake. As you take a bite, they push it into your face. Anyway, we went shopping and many of the people made really cool things including everything you can think of including an alpaca! My host family was very fun because we played soccer and played many rounds of uno. Also, my host dad, Abel, has 12 siblings and I got to meet many of them. Anyway, to my mom and dad that are reading this, thanks for dealing with me for 13 years.
Love Lillian

Paulina Ursua Garcia
Spending a day with my host family was probably one of my favorite days here in Peru. We went on a hike and we toured the town (Ollantaytambo) and it was really, really cool. The people here are so nice, especially the children. Children you don’t even know will say hi or hola and they are just the sweetest things. We also went to the market today. They sell so many things there, like alpacas made with alpaca fur. I had so much fun just looking around at the market. Today was a day I will not soon forget. I miss you all and I’ll see you in a few days! 


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