Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Soccer, Serving and World Issues

Kevin Reyes
On the community project at the school, some students and parents were there to work with us today. Most of them were about our age, but I think I speak for the group when I say conversing with them was a challenge. They only spoke Spanish, and we mostly spoke English, but even then, we were able to work together on the project, which today, was clearing rocks from a field. Something that I noticed about them was how hard they were working today. We were working to do good for the community and lend a helping hand, but they were trying to improve their own school. Their determination was noticeable, because it was their school they were fixing. To them, this was probably a place that they could call a home away from home. I really loved how they were so cheerful to be drudging away in the hot sun with smiled on their faces. Personally, I was able to talk to some of them and they were really nice and compassionate. 

P.S.- Hi Mom, Hi Dad. Just wanted to tell you that I'm ok and I miss you lots!

Hayden Schwartz
I was assigned to talk about futbol (soccer). Futbol is a sport that I love to watch and play. There’s something about being on the field when nothing else matters and the smell of the fresh cut grass is in the air. When we talked about Peru and how futbol was one of the main sports here I was very excited to see them play. When we got to play the first time we just played each other and a boy probably eight or nine named Charlie played with us and he is ten times better than me. The way he controlled the ball at his feet and his focus on the ball was special to see. Today, we played kids our age and they could dribble circles around me. They were doing the Maradona like Messi or Ronaldo and I was amazed. When I return to the U.S., I plan on telling my teammates about it. I gave my host mom her gift yesterday and it was an apron because she owns a cafe and she started to cry. I realized how something so small could mean so much to someone.

Miss my family and friends so much!

XOXO Hayden

Molly Miller
After lunch today everyone came back to the hotel and we did some WLS activities. The games were interesting and I think everyone had a good time and we definitely made some memories. We came inside and started an exercise where we were split into groups and were given cards. The cards had different issues faced in today in Ollantaytambo. We then had to prioritize which ones we would tackle first if we were the ruling government. We shared with the big group and then discussed the posters and why we thought what we did. It got a little heated but I think everyone took something valuable away from it. 

I have had a great time with my host family and I am enjoying all that they have to offer in Peru.  I have been on two hikes and one was to ruins behind the school that none of the tourists know about, which was amazing. We had these old Inca ruins all to ourselves to explore. I am having a hard time coping with the animals on the streets, but I have everyone trying to make me feel better about it. I am making many memories and I love all my family so don’t worry or miss me. I hope I can continue to learn and experience many more new things while I'm here.

Ashley Fisher
Today after we did our WSL lesson, a man came in the room and Mrs. Ashley said that he was an author, named Ronald Castillo Espinoza, that wanted to share his stories with us. He spoke Spanish, Quechua, and a little bit of English. He was telling us how he writes stories for children and sells them at some stores here in Peru. Ronald passed around the books he wrote among us. They were very cool because his little brother did the illustrations and each page had three different languages on it! He was a very interesting person that I thought was very inspiring.

During our anchor today Mrs. Ashley said that we were going to a school and taking a dancing class tomorrow! We also have some free time to go out in the village and shop. We’re allowed to take pictures and we are all very excited for that.


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